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Jeneil is the largest supplier of natural dairy flavors, Enzyme Modified Cheeses (EMC), butter and cream flavors in North America. Advanced flavor technology, economic value and customer service are the cornerstones of our growing business.

Jeneil is a leading supplier of soymilk powders, non-dairy beverage powders and flavors to the soy industry. Using patented processing technology, Jeneil offers ingredients for dairy analogues including Cream Cheese and Sour Cream, rivaling the taste of conventional dairy products.

Jeneil is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Natural Flavor Chemicals. Our products are manufactured according to strict manufacturing principles and confirmed to meet the highest levels of purity.

Jeneil is a primary supplier of frozen and freeze-dried Cultures, Antimicrobials, Biosurfactants, Protein Hydrolysates and other unique products that are developed and produced for partners in the food, nutraceutical and agro-industrial markets.

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